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Hack & Virus Proof

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Content & Backup

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Benefits Of Opting For Our Website Maintenance Services

Website Analytics

We use different analytics tools to perform extensive analysis on your website for different metrics.

Fast Turnaround

We understand the importance of a website, and our services include promised turnaround times.

Content Updates

Content is the most crucial part of your website; we analyze existing content and update it when necessary.

Professional Service

We provide professional website maintenance service and take all the hassles out to manage your site.

Certified Specialists

Our team comprises certified website maintenance specialists who work by adhering to various standards.

Security Patches & CMS Updates

We provide complete assistance for updating security patches. You can count on us for different types of website maintenance requirements.

Why Should You Choose Sparx IT Solutions Web Maintenance Service?

We are a reputed website maintenance company serving clients globally for more than a decade.

High-quality Service

A website maintenance services company like us always takes the quality of service very seriously. We don’t compromise with quality and ensure 100% satisfaction with our services. We understand the needs of our clients and provide solutions that fulfill their business objectives.

Quick Support

Our web maintenance services are easy to access and offer quick support for your business. You can easily reach out to our experts through simple communication channels like chats, phone calls, Skype, emails, and our own Project Management System.

Affordable Services

As we believe in a win-win situation, our web maintenance services are affordable for different types of businesses. You can choose from different plans to access a myriad of website maintenance services without any hassle.

Well-experienced Team

Our tech professionals are highly experienced and talented. They understand the most critical technical details of websites and render the right solutions that meet clients’ needs. Working as your website maintenance company, we cater to your needs effectively.

Hassle-free Process

Our website maintenance service is hassle-free, and our professionals stay in constant touch with you throughout the process. They also provide quick assistance whenever you feel some trouble and resolve your queries. Our experts help you to resolve your issues promptly.

Regular Updates

Our developers perform regular updates on your website to make sure that it is entirely secure and functional for the end-users. Whether you want to add images, modify a link, delete a page copy, or anything else, our experts help you do it quickly. Being a full-scale web maintenance company, we offer end-to-end maintenance services.

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Website Operations Maintenance And Management

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“A website with good operations and maintenance practices that is poorly designed will often out perform a well designed website with poor operation and maintenance practices.”

~ Anonymous



How much time does it take for website maintenance?

It’s never-ending as website maintenance is an ongoing process. With the continuous evolution of a website, it keeps embracing new standards and new methods of doing things are available due to scalability. Thus website updation and maintenance are necessary. Some updates may take a longer time. If you just want to change the image on a blog or article, doing this will take only a few minutes for a reputable company. To better understand and anticipate the total hour of work to be spent on your site for maintenance, you need to first understand your maintenance requirements.


Can you brief me on the website maintenance service?

It’s a process that entails several steps for ensuring that a website is up-to-date as well as there are no technical/non-technical glitches or errors that may negatively impact its performance. Being crucial for every website, it should be performed regularly. Especially websites that drive revenue or inbound leads for a business, website maintenance is necessary. Through website maintenance, website owners can tune-up site security, performance, usability, speed, and other functionality to remain on top.


If I want some changes to the site is it possible for you?

Yes sure, Send your comments with updates then we will discuss and implement desired changes in your site.


Will there be an account manager for us and how communication will be done?

When you opt for a website maintenance service at Sparx IT Solutions, there will be an account manager at your disposal who will also be the point of communication. The manager will be a liaison to the development team that will perform all the maintenance work.


What is your charge for providing website maintenance service?

For development work, the standard billing rate at Sparx IT Solutions is $20 per hour. Working with your business, we will determine a pricing structure and maintenance plan that will be in accordance with your budget and website goal.

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